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Whine 'n' Cotch 

@BamBam_Boogie - Whine 'N' Cotch

@BamBam_Boogie - Whine 'N' Cotch
@BamBam_Boogie - Whine 'N' Cotch

@BamBam_Boogie - Whine 'N' Cotch

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@PriscillaAnyabu_ - Whine 'N' Cotch

@PriscillaAnyabu_ - Whine 'N' Cotch

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In today's world women are constantly pulled into labels and told what to be. WNC is about dismantling these stereotypes and perceived setbacks by honing into one’s true self. Whatever that may be and within its ongoing evolutions!

Each WNC has its own unique spin as fusion between our  guest’s collaborators speciality, and DK's multidisciplinary facilitation. Together they lead workshops which vary from writing, talks and debates to physical, partner and group activities. Along with drama games/exercises centring openness and confidence, encouraging sisterhood and liberation. The event closes with a banging Twerk N V!be dance class, with time to social and some-more free wine!


We recognise that the world defines ‘twerk’ as something  a bit out there, and almost in a metaphorical way a dance of the taboo and the rebel. WNC is all about rebelling against the confines of ‘womanhood’, dancing within yOUR slay, and ability to find/redefine self.

Let's whine, twerk 

get sensual!!

A celebration of sisterhood and reconnection with our own bodies and selves, Whine 'n' Cotch is the women's only event you don't want to miss!

Stemming from an authentic moment of sisterhood between @DKFash and @Isis_Diamond,  WnC creates the judgement free environment for females of all colours, shapes and sizes to be mentally and physically expressive through dance and movement.

 ...not to mention the FREE wine, chocolates and strawberries.

Check out our calendar to book your place at the next one!


Isis Diamond - International Pole Athlete

Gabrielle Maker - Facilitator & Movement Director

Ayoola - Model &Youth Ambassador - Princes Trust 

DYLEMA - Spoken Word Lyricist

Cilla Purple - Model, Host & Dancer 

Bam Bam Boogie - Twerk After Work Founder


“This event really brought me out of myself and made me so much more confident. THANK YOU!!!"

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