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Psychedelic Love Digital Art Download Two by OwnDigiArt.jpg

Psychedelic Love by OwnDigiArt


by their fruits

written by dkfash

On the eve of “everything will change” 

2 people

1 night. 

No phones. 

No one else. 

Three years since they last met
there's still the rhythm, the ease and the discord. 
The sins of their parents visited, but never left…
the past becomes shared psychedelic hallucination; 
debate becomes space travel and endless possibilities. 
Painted in the cracks
a  comfortable clashing harmony
wrapped in karmic weight. 


One of Initiative.dkf's upcoming theatre productions that has yet to make its stage debut. If you are interested in bringing this piece alive do get in contact

Cast: 2 | Staging: Intimate, mid-size stage, imaginative | Duration: 70min

Development History

  • Conceived and written by dkfash while in Soho Theatre's Writers Room 2020/21

  • Part of Initiative.dkf's 3 day creative lab of script exploration (April 2022) supported by Stage ONE

  • Currently in talks with venues to redeem 2020 Eclipse Award 

  • A full R&D is pending for later this year

"we don't get to hear THESE WORDS, from THESE PEOPLE, ON STAGE"

- Luke Elliott Smith, Creative Lab participant

by their fruits was formerly known as CRUISIN'

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