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Psychedelic Love by OwnDigiArt


by their fruits

written by dkfash

Rehearsed Reading Nov '23

“what if fairy tales end without awakening kisses?”

Be it time, distance or circumstance,
They can’t escape each other. 
Questioning whether their love can outrun their shared trauma, and truth. 
Or if their pain is too much to fight for. 


Relatably complicated, beautifully private, and passionate, by their fruits takes us on a rhythmic journey through the poetry of love.

Content warnings: explicit language, mentions of grief/loss, self harm, references to abuse and dismemberment. 

“i want you to suffocate in goodness until your breath smells like euphoria


One of Initiative.dkf's upcoming theatre productions that has yet to make its stage debut.

If you are interested in bringing this piece alive do get in contact

Cast: 2 | Staging: Intimate, mid-size stage, imaginative | Duration: 70min

Development History

  • Conceived and written by dkfash while in Soho Theatre's Writers Room 2020/21

  • Part of Initiative.dkf's 3 day creative lab of script exploration (April 2022) supported by Stage ONE

  • Currently in talks with venues to redeem 2020 Eclipse Award 

  • A R&D and rehearsed reading took place in Nov 2023

"we don't get to hear THESE WORDS, from THESE PEOPLE, ON STAGE"

- Luke Elliott Smith, Creative Lab participant

by their fruits was formerly known as CRUISIN'

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