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Gélé Crown is an outdoor installation we are currently at the R&D stage of -  blending poetry, short film, music and joy. An exhibition experience celebrating our matriarchs.

A large scale gélé fabric sculpture lined with words

from writers across various cultures and backgrounds

 that honour our mothers and matriarchs

The installation is a visual representation of the majesty and magic of a mother's "fabric crown", with audio of both poetry and music

immersing audiences, like a mother’s warm embrace.

At the heart of the exhibition will be the short film Gélé, written by the Initiative.dkf duo and directed by Artistic Director Multidisciplinary artist DK.

“Echoes of grandmother and the women who came before 

vibrate, radiate, permeates through your soul like the talking drum”

Originally debuting at Edinburgh Fringe Digital 2021 as part of the LUDALA Collection, the film depicts a  mother getting ready in all her stance and style as her child looks on in awe. They watched her tuck, fold and gather as if conjuring a vortex as she weaves and wields her majestic crown. To learn more about the short film and LUDALA project click here

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