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- the broken sentiments of her/her and her

through encounters of the heart -

Hârt Series

Hârt Series

Initially four poems written by Damilola K Fashola, BROKENHÂRT was born from an anthology spanning over half a decade. Linked by imperfect love and lust, these poetic films explore the wide and varied matters of the heart, mind and body.


Each of the four, hinged upon the abstraction and metaphorical lyricism typical of Fashola’s writing, presents a different entanglement of sound and visuals and themes - the place you find yourself when the love you yearn for belongs to another; the self-perpetuating destruction of a toxic pairing; Safronia’s requiem; and the fleeting highs of a manufactured love.


Sophia Mackay


Tobi Bamtefa

Kieran Shekoni

Caro Duah-Nantwi

Luke Wilson

Patience James

Dercio Lima

Timothy Ogundijo

Damilola K Fashola


Poems by dkfash

Director(s) Timothy Ogundijo & Damilola K Fashola

Associate Producer Wofai

Executive Producer(s) Timothy Ogundijo & Damilola K Fashola

Editor, Videographer Israel Ogundijo

Production Assistant Bimpé Adeyemo

Sound Engineer/Composer(s)  

DymondRed (Overdose, Kiss Me, Imagine, Mess)

Mikel Ameen (Melody)

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