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21 Jan - 1 Feb

Fragments of a Complicated Mind is unapologetically raw, unpacking endemic issues surrounding black identity with significant thought.

fresh and innovative exploration of a Black Woman’s thoughts, fears, and feelings

FOACM - Theatre 503_edited.jpg

One Fragment wants her vagina back.
Another laments at humanity. 
A fourth questions the script itself. 
The others are just trying to get more of those precious precious likes. 
They say there are always 3 sides to a story. Try 7.

A kaleidoscopic manifestation of the psyche. This darkly funny and masterfully crafted vignette play explores the whacky, obscene and unspoken thoughts of a complex mind. Interrogating race, religion, sex and cultural expectations, with witty word play steeped in shade and satire. Birthed in an anarchic blend of storytelling and razor sharp switches from direct address, to full on dance and poetry. 

Trigger warnings: includes references to abortion and trauma. Explicit language.

Produced by Initiative.dkf 

“This performance gave me chills! I was left flabbergasted”

MBF18 - Audience Member 

All enquires, images or further information:  | 07534626467 |

Omnibus Engine Room | Feb 18

Gave us an opportunity to delve further into Silhouettez Theatre the 'rebirth.' Making choices about where we want to go and wish to be with FOACM.

Melanin Box Festival | Aug 18

A two-day celebration offering the very best new talent across performing arts. Gave us an opportunity to push further showing an extract of Fragments to new audiences.

Theatre 503 | Nov + Dec 18

Sept - Dec 18 has been an amalgamation of the SIlhouettez Theatre rebirth and the active years prior. With FOACM finally on its feet, for the fist time.  


A Choreopoetic Theatre Movement 

FOACM - Theatre 503_edited.jpg

 "Silhouttez" is a style of theatre

A way of




telling stories

A movement of no limitations 


  • Silhouettez is a signature style of theatre performance.

  • Created in 2008 by Initiative.dkf, Artistic Director Damilola DK Fashola

  • Founding Artists: DK, Othilia Luiki - Renn & Michelle D'Costa

  • Date of first performance March 2009 

  • Rebirth Winter 2017 - Produced by Initiative.dkf

  • Over a dozen performances in London & surrounding areas including, Cockpit Theatre, Hertfordshire university, Steven Lawrence Centre, Theatre, Royal Festival Hall and The Cresent in Lagos, Nigeria.

'A kaleidoscope of dramatic & theatrical black womanist opinion'