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*Night Hour: The seasonal ritual in which the high *Kiwanu cleanses the tribe land of sins and past afflictions. It is commanded that the people must seal windows and lock all doors at the strike of the hour, before drinking water from the *Pene and sleeping.

Every God7 is a descendant from the anointed lines; 'Madari Olorun' and 'Vi Meje.' The founding fathers of the Olorun Meje village aka G7 kingdom. the most present G7, ZinéNola was adopted by Laffiatt Osún, a maid from "Olorun Meje" the most royal tribe who were slaughtered during conflict with Khansa tribe, in the time of Vhala's Reign. Laffiatt Osún studied closely with King Uriel, learning the secrets of the G7 kingdom. As ordered by the king, she escaped with the young princess ZinéNola and her two children via a multiverse time travel loop. Landing on earth (not by choice) Osún raises the princess as her own alongside her children Raphael and Manisa (her half sister). Osún awaits ZinéNola’s 16th birthday before telling her of her true origin; hoping to persuade ZinéNola to give up her powers by the revoke ritual. Before Osún can tell ZinéNola, she finds out the truth through a lucid dream induced by Wotinu, the son of her father's sworn enemy [Vhala]. In a ball of emotions ZinéNola confronts Osún but is unable to control her feelings making her powers soar. Fearing a repeat of Uriel's downfall, Osún tricks a vulnerable ZinéNola into an alternate dream reality, where everything isn't always as it seems. This labyrinth world will either save, prepare or kill her.  


Whilst journeying in Khansa, Foxti Olorun became possessed by dark spirits when a door in their castle chamber was left open during *Night Hour.  She turned the Olorun Meje kingdom up and down, causing unwarranted wars with other cities and tribes; including once allies, the Khansa nation. She corrupted the army and seduced Vhala before Uriel could trap her in a galaxy time loop.

Alter Ego: ZinéNola Olorun Meje
Other Names: Princess, Ziné, Nola, G7



  • EAP. Evocation of ancestral power 

  • Skilled armed and unarmed combatant

  • Dance hypnosis/Seduction 

Team Affiliations: TBA
Biological Parents: Uriel Meje & Foxti Olorun
House/Tribe: Olorun Meje
Location: Orinla - West Africa  [Mythical]



      Olorun Meje


*Kiwanu: healer, priests, spiritual leaders, prophets

*Pene = Narrow River which starts inside and ends beyond Olorun Meje

*EAP: Evocation of ancestral power - Varied levels bring new abilities for those next in line. 7 Levels: 1. Empath

2. Superhuman strength

3. Communicate with nature  4. Multilocation  5. Flight

6. Read future (in short spells of time) 7. Healing

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